Alumi-Gress Material

ALUMI-GRESS™ photo-luminescent signs and egress systems came into being as a result of the void that was created after the terrible events of September 11, 2001.

Since that devastating day there has been a heightened awareness of building occupant safety. After 9-11, the New York marketplace was quickly swamped with low quality, high price point photo-luminescent products.

Because of this, New York City has established some parameters and a minimum standard code which must be met in every commercial building within the city. This is the highest standard in the world, and Safety Step Egress has met these stringent compliance standards with our ALUMI-GRESS™ line of photo-luminescent signs.

Safety Step Egress provides this very high quality product at a price that sits well below the price that had been established by the "fly by night” companies who plagued the NYC market before us. We think you will find your experience with ALUMI-GRESS™ as first-class – a "top shelf product at a competitive price”.


The rigid backplate material is high-grade architectural quality aluminum sheet that offers high impact resistance, is water proof, corrosion proof and flame retardant.

A multi layered ultra-high brightness photo-luminescent material is permanently screened directly onto the prepared aluminum backing without the use of any adhesives.

An extremely hard, scratch resistant, wear resistant and UV resistant clear finish coat is then bonded over the entire front face of the product to prevent marking and facilitating ease of maintenance.

At the rear face is a ‘peel and stick’ adhesive layer enabling strong and permanent bonding to the wall or door.

Code Compliance

Safety Step Alumi-Gress signs are compliant with a wide range of codes and standards including:

NFPA Life Safety Code 101
DIN 67510 Pt I & II
IMO Res. A.752(18)
ASTM E-2072-00
1998 California Building Code and Fire Code


21.6 lux (2 foot-candles) for 2 hours with a 13 watt fluorescent lamp.

Luminance (after illumination):
  • 10 minutes > 93.5 mcd/m2
  • 60 minutes > 21.4 mcd/m2
  • 90 minutes > 14.3 mcd/m2
Legible Viewing Distance:
  • 50 feet 6” characters
  • 75 feet 8” characters
Charging Light Source:
5-foot candles of fluorescent illumination must be present on the face at all times during building occupancy. After it is exposed under this light for 60 minutes, it will be visible and legible in total darkness to observation standing 50 feet away from the sign at least 90 minutes after all light has been extinguished.