Low Location PL Egress Systems

Photoluminescent (PL) safety egress systems are instrumental in increasing the effectiveness of life safety in tall buildings.

A fully reliable evacuation system must not only be independent of electricity or mechanical device, but it must be fully functional under all conditions, including heavy smoke.

Egress system glow in the dark EXIT signs are critical indicators of evacuation routes in the event of a fire or loss of power – particularly if the exit route is not familiar to building occupants.  In the early stages of fire, smoke will rise and travel along the ceiling – obstructing the view of exit signs located above doors.

During this critical time, fleeing occupants crouch down below the smoke level to avoid inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes.  This behavior necessitates the use of low level PL egress systems – a series of fail-safe luminous directional arrows and pathway indicators guiding evacuees to the nearest exit – eliminating the tendency to second guess their chosen route and providing the confidence required to exit safely in the shortest length of time.

Photo-luminescent signs and egress systems are the most durable and sensible life safety systems available on the market.  PL systems are a core component of a complete life safety strategy.  Building owners throughout the United States are making the choice to improve life safety and reduce liability by installing low location PL egress systems even before mandated to do so by new building codes.  They’re making the sensible choice to install the only fail-safe egress system available today!


Photo-luminescence is a term describing the ability of certain natural minerals to absorb light and then re-emit that light in a controlled manner over time.  Simply stated, photo-luminescent minerals "glow in the dark” and are able to store and release light based on their chemical nature.

These minerals are extremely stable, non-toxic and non-radioactive.  The pigments used in Safety Step Egress photo-luminescent safety signs and egress indicators are safety grade Strontium Aluminate (SrAl) minerals – proven far superior to the novelty grade (Zinc Sulfide ZnS) pigments popular years ago.  Strontium Aluminate glows more than 10 times brighter than equal amounts of Zinc Sulfide and have an afterglow life measured in hours, as opposed to minutes.

The SrAl pigment used by Safety Step Egress is charged by exposure to light sources such as fluorescent, incandescent, or unfiltered UV light – and will emit luminance after the activating light source is unavailable.  The pigment’s energy-absorption, light-emission cycles can be repeated indefinitely.