Anti-slip Inlay Strips

Safety Step NZ has for some time seen a need to combine the asthetic appeal of natural timber with a functional non-slip capability.

We have therefore developed a unique “Inlay System” that successfully combines these two elements to achieve a durable non-slip surface suitable for any situation.


The “Inlay” product is a derivitive of our widely used Industrial Flat Plate but with a fine agragate added during the manufacturing process and then cut to a precise 20mm width with an average thickness of 2.5mm. The recess to the wooden surface is achieved by routering a 2mm by 20mm grove, this can be done to exisiting wooden surfaces or when ordering timber from a supplier and then applied here in our factory by our trained team of guys.


Working with Uroyxs NZ, a world leader in adhesive technology, they developed an adhesive on our behalf that bonds any timber and our “Inlay Strip” in such a way as to produce the durable non-slip wooden surface that we were looking to achieve.


By using this unique “Inlay System” we can guarantee that the surface will comply with and in fact exceed Standards NZ’s Slip Resistance Codes and regulations. Please contact us directly for a quote, large or small.

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