Ladder Protector

Safety Step is now the sole New Zealand distributor of 'The Ladder Protector.'

Given our long held status of being New Zealand’s leading innovator and manufacturer of underfoot safety products we are proud to become the distributor of a simple but effective device that prevents the base of ladders from slipping away.

Although ladders are generally seen as a potential work place hazard, they do have their place and always will. In line with Safe Practice Guidelines it is generally deemed necessary, to have a ‘second person’ holding the base of ladder whilst an operator is using one. "The Ladder Protector” eliminates that second person, by securing the ladder base from slipping away – the immediate benefits are the safety of the operator, and also the reduction in paid man hours in needing the second person to hold the ladder base.

Each unit weighs approximately 5kgs, is manufactured from 100% SBR rubber. Over 600,000 of these clever devices are in use around the world.

  • Safe, more reliable than footing
  • Cost efficient, ideal for solo use
  • Makes restraining ladder safe and easy
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Reduces long ladder set up times
  • Protects underground
  • Simple, flexible and reliable performer
  • Easy to carry around
  • Two years warranty


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