Ladder Rung Covers

Eliminate the risk of feet slipping off smooth timber or metal ladder rungs.

They are simply fitted over the top of existing ladder rungs and the high traction surface of the cover both enhances grip and increases the surface area in contact with the foot.

Ladders, especially when positioned in wet and oily environments, present one of the most dangerous locations for any worker as the foot surface area is small and height is always involved.

Safety Step Anti Slip Ladder Rung Covers eliminate the risk of slips from ladders by increasing the surface area for foot contact and introducing a high traction surface and increasing rung visibility.

These anti slip covers are pre-finished, ready to install covers constructed from extremely robust composite fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). All elements of the ladder rung cover are bonded together in a single manufacturing process making for the strongest and most durable ladder safety product available today.

Key features of our FRP material include:

  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant

  • Guaranteed against delamination and chipping

  • High impact and wear resistance

  • Extreme environmental and UV resistance

  • Highly resistant to chemical attack

  • Flame retardant

  • Colour fast

  • Lightweight

  • Indefinite life span


Ladder Rung Covers can be very easily installed to all ladder types and rung shapes using strong adhesive mastic that will bond permanently even under extreme conditions and heavy use. By simply overlaying damaged, worn or badly designed ladder rungs, you avoid the high cost of replacement while significantly improving both the safety and the life span of your ladders.

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