Stair Covers & Nosings

Smooth or worn step edges are leading contributors to severe or even fatal slip and fall accidents, however this hazard can be easily eliminated.

Industrial Stair Covers & Nosings | Safety StepMost slip accidents on steps occur through your foot slipping at the leading edge of a step. This is especially the case when the leading edge of the metal, wood or concrete step surface becomes worn and the edge rounded.
Stair Nosings, or Covers, are non-structural safety covers designed to be easily fitted over the front edge of most types and styles of stair treads including timber, concrete, steel and open grille. They are tough, and extremely durable, high traction products that will prevent slippage even under the most harsh conditions or the heaviest soiling. Importantly the contrasting colour of stair nosings clearly defines the edge of each stair tread preventing over-stepping and fall accidents.

Stair Covers are designed to transform the danger zone on steps into a safe, high traction, well contrasted safety surface that is safe under all conditions.

These products are pre-finished, ready to install covers constructed from extremely robust composite fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). All elements of the stair nosing are bonded together in a single manufacturing process making for the strongest and most durable stair safety product available today.

Key features of our FRP material include:

  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant

  • Guaranteed against delamination and chipping

  • High impact and wear resistance

  • Extreme environmental and UV resistance

  • Highly resistant to chemical attack

  • Flame retardant

  • Colour fast

  • Lightweight


Stair nosings can be very easily installed to all stair types using basic fastening systems in just seconds without the risk of being loosened by vibrations or heavy use. By simply overlaying damaged, worn or badly designed steps, you avoid the high cost of replacement while significantly improving both the safety and the life span of your stairs.

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