What is Tileworks?

Tile and Stone Enhancing Experts

Welcome to Safety Step Tileworks. Tileworks products will assist you to:
  • Keep your stone, tile and concrete floors looking better for longer and protect them from staining and permanent damage.
  • Put an end to your tiled and concrete floors being slippery and dangerous when they become wet.
  • Enjoy professional services backed by caring, knowledgeable advice when you want your floors anti-slip treated, sealed against staining, deep cleaned to remove ingrained grime and have your outside building surfaces protected from green mould and the ravages of graffiti.
Our promise to you is that we will provide the best solution available supported by the best service and at a reasonable price.


The TILEWORKS business is a division of SAFETY STEP International Limited

Safety Step is a family run business founded in 1993 in New Zealand.

Tileworks is principally concerned with anti-slipping and stain protection of pedestrian floor surfaces however the wider Safety Step company has more extensive expertise.

Recognising the huge and unsatisfied demand for high quality pedestrian safety products, Safety Step has developed a very diversified range of premium quality products that offer highly effective solutions across all market sectors.

The mix of great design, dependable quality and reliable support has meant that the demand for SAFETY STEP products has now reached well around the world. To support this fast growing client base, the company has elected to assist its clients through a committed owner operated agency and distributor network established on a regional basis, now spanning seven countries.

SAFETY STEP is able to influence the entire process right from the manufacture of it's own products through to offering personalised client support and services through trained sales personnel. This end-to-end, comprehensive support structure creates an entirely new and unique concept of a ‘one stop shop’, dealing solely with wayfinding and under foot safety concerns.

Research and development of new and innovative underfoot safety processes is ongoing at Safety Step. This cutting edge approach backed by our extensive experience is valued by both clients and independent bodies.

By invitation Mr. Quinn, the founder and managing director of Safety Step, is active on international Standards committees and SAFETY STEP is often called upon by Governmental agencies as well as private parties for expert advice and guidance on underfoot safety issues.