Anti Graffiti

This is how to best protect your stone and concrete surfaces from the scourge of graffiti.

Tileworks can apply an invisible treatment over masonry and porous concrete surfaces, which preserves against the damaging and staining effects of graffiti.

This system works by penetrating into the surface and sealing the surface internally so that it resists the bonding and staining effects of paints and markers.

This method is in contrast to most graffiti sealers which completely coat over the surface with a barrier coating which typically yellows with age and often causes unsightly damp patches because the surface can no longer 'breath'.

The Tileworks anti-graffiti system works on the principal that if the graffiti cannot gain a bond to the surface then it will be easy to repeatedly wipe it off with ease and without staining.

Tileworks technicians can visit your site, conduct tests on your particular stone or concrete surface and then complete the full three stage anti graffiti application process and then, if needed, maintain that surface in a clean and graffiti free condition.