Anti-slip Coatings

A range of decorative anti-slip surface coatings for use over concrete, timber, resin and steel floors.

When assessing which coating will best suit your application, it is recommended that you have a Tileworks operator call to your site, view your floor and make appropriate recommendations.

Shown below are links to three different floor coatings each with particular features and strengths.


Suitable for Decorative Flooring Substrates

CLEARCOTE is a textured, clear finish  coating ideally suited for application to decorative floors where a non slip feature is required without obscuring the decorative finish beneath.

Suitable for interior or exterior applications and demonstrating exceptional wear resistance, slip resistance, UV resistance and good non yellowing qualities. The degree of texture in CLEARCOTE may be varied to suit your specific requirements such as wheeled traffic, the presence of fine powder or just a light soiling.

Sold as an applicator applied product only, please contact your nearest SAFETY STEP representative for an on-site appraisal.

Not recommended for application over exterior timber surfaces.


Tough, durable non-slip surfaces

GRIPOXY is an extremely tough non-slip floor coating suitable for industrial and commercial concrete floors.

By utilising the highest quality 100% solids, cross linking epoxy, GRIPOXY offers you a  durable, scratch and impact resistant and non slip floor surface with a long service life. Available in a wide range of attractive colours to suit your décor GRIPOXY is very suitable for many applications, domestic, commercial and industrial - including areas with wheeled traffic. Being hygienic and easy to clean, GRIPOXY is an ideal flooring choice for food handling and processing areas.

Tileworks applicators can vary the degree of non-slip surface texture in GRIPOXY to suit your particular requirements from very fine to very coarse.

Floor preparation is usually achieved with either captive shot blasting or diamond grinding. Your nearest Tileworks representative will be happy to call and assess your floor and advise on preparation and application of GRIPOXY.