Cleaning Maintenance

Good maintenance is the most economic and most effective way of retaining the good looks and extending the life of your floor.

Everyday tasks as simple as brooming your floor have a major impact on keeping the floor in good condition. Periodically however, more involved care is required to lift damaging contaminants from the stone and Tileworks can assist you with both do-it-yourself maintenance products and also specialised surface cleaning.

Tileworks can assist you understand best housekeeping practices for keeping the stone and tile substrate free of dust and dry sandy soil so as to minimize the scratches and wear-patterns that can develop from everyday use.

When dirt has built up, staining has occurred, or the floor has become slippery, then Tileworks have the expertise to sort out these problems. An on-site consultation will be required to determine the exact nature of the problem and assess the most effective resolution. Below are links to some of the processes available to Tileworks technicians.