Stain Guarding

Safety Step can clean, seal, protect and colour enhance your stone surfaces to the highest standard.

Tileworks operators are expert at understanding the highly individual nature and characteristics of all the different types of quarried stone. The structural differences between stones such as granite, marble and limestone mean that they require very different treatment when considering how best to stain seal, recolour and protect. Chemical composition, porosity, density, absorption, and permeability all play a part in how your stone will behave and age.

The process needed to achieve  long lasting and effective care of your stone surface is as individual as your stone is itself. Because of this, Tileworks have a wide arsenal of products and processes that can be carefully mixed and matched through on site testing to achieve the best care and preservation for your particular surface.

Tileworks specialises in care processes for natural stone, man-made or engineered stone types such as composites and agglomerates, concretes and terracotta or other clay-based products. Shown below are links to specialised treatments that will enhance and preserve the pristine beauty of the surface, and protect your investment.

Deep Dirt Extraction

Strip ingrained dirt and grime from your stone surfaces

Stone may appear to be tough and hard-wearing, but like any surface that is subjected to the wear and tear of everyday living it will eventually build up dirt and grime.

Most stones are far more porous and chemical sensitive than most people imagine so will absorb contaminants and by the time grime is clearly visible it may already be embedded into the surface of the stone. The use of many household cleaning products can fix or set the stain in place, and even permanently damage the stone.

Tileworks Deep Dirt Extraction can force your stone to release the grime that is causing the discolouration. It can be compared to squeezing water out of a sponge – returning the stone to its original condition, without damaging or changing the original surface.

Once deep dirt extraction treatment has been completed, Tileworks recommends our Stain-Guarding treatment to insure against grime and staining recurring.

Blemish Removal

Removal or minimisation of stains on your stone surface

Tileoworks Blemish Removal treatment attacks deep-seated stains, and over a 24-hour period soaks deep into the stone, pulling the stain to the surface where it can be removed.

The effectiveness of this treatment depends largely on your initial response to the spill and on any treatment, if any, you may have applied to the stone when it was new. The sooner you were able to dab up the spill, or the better the sealer you may have applied, the less it will have absorbed into the stone.

Once Tileworks has removed the marking in your stone we strongly recommend that Stain-guarding treatment be applied to give strong protection from future spills.


Remove unsightly calcium build-up from your stone surfaces

When stone, brick or concrete is exposed to frequent dousing in water, impurities in that water may build-up on the surface and if left, will penetrate into the stone or brick and leave a permanent presence.

The most common form of contamination is efflorescence. This calcium build-up on the stone's surface shows as an ugly white encrustation. Tileworks are able to gently but completely remove this type of surface contamination, returning your stone to clean clear condition. Preventing the recurrence is however is directly linked to minimising the ongoing water exposure and this may be assisted by applying suitable Tileworks.

Stain Guarding

Stone surfaces are valued for their hardness and resilience and are commonly thought to be quite impervious, but in fact stone is a porous material that will absorb spills and stains if left untreated and unprotected at a surprisingly fast rate.

The red wine spill, oil splashes from the BBQ, soot from the fireplace are all common problems that have the potential to do permanent harm to your stone.

As we use stone to cover our most heavily used surfaces such as bench tops, vanities and floors, all areas that have high exposure to spills, if the stone is left unprotected it is highly likely to get stained and marked.

Stain-guarding your stone will help prevent the entry of oils, colourants, carbon deposits and other staining materials. moisture and most stains – enhancing the beauty and life of this investment without affecting its look or finish.

Tileworks test every type of stone at every job before commencing so that we can determine exactly which sealer or which combination of sealers best suits your particular stone. We do not offer a "one size fits all" service but follow a process that identifies exactly how your stone behaves and what set of solutions provide the best results for your stone.

Tileworks prefer to use internal or penetrating sealers that absorb into the cell structure of the stone, 'closing down' the stone from the inside out and preventing the ingress of harmful contaminants. These methods of sealing means that no unsightly surface coating is needed that may peel lift or yellow over time.

Unlike other companies that boast the use of the "best quality sealers", Tileworks concentrate on adopting the best possible processes, inclusive of the best quality sealers to achieve the best result.

Colour Enhancement

Bring back colour to your faded stone surface

Over time, with traffic wear, sun and exposure to cleaning chemicals, your stone surfaces can become dull and lifeless. You can have these surfaces rejuvenated and regain the natural depth and colour inherent in the stone.

Tileworks colour enhancement for stone does not add a glossy or wet-look to the surface as most surface coating enhancers do, but instead will lift the natural colours within the stone and slightly darken the appearance.

An added advantage of Tileworks stone enhancer is that it penetrates deep within the stone surface, bonding with the mineral elements and provided a very superior stain and water repellent able to resist most substances that would otherwise permanently mark your stone.

It should be noted that a Tileworks Surface Enhancement treatment is virtually permanent, so it is recommended that clients provide a sample of their surface to see the result before proceeding with the treatment.

Surface sealing

Provide an impervious barrier over your tile surface

Some flooring materials do not suit penetrating sealers and are best protected by providing a physical surface barrier coat over the surface. We refer to this method as surface sealing.

Surface sealing provides a sacrificial barrier coating that isolates the tiles and grout from damaging spills or wear. While the barrier coat wears down over time (the way the tile might if the barrier wasn't there to protect it), it is easy to maintain and reapply.

Tileworks operators can provide a robust sealing barrier over your tiles providing a less absorbent surface, and provide a gloss or semi-gloss maintainable finish.